Op is a mysterious creature,lurking in the shadows, controlling and manipulating weak-minded humans, and challanging Forca's family members to Shadow Duels to win their souls as prize. Forca's family holding the curse of Op for almost a thousand year. Op, when a family member comes to an age in his eye, challanges him to a Shadow Duel. For almost one thousand year it won every Shadow Duel. Its time for Forca to face him! It is later revealed that Op have two lifes to lose, and Forca's grandfather have defeated him once, with the effect of "Synchro Seal Mirror".

His first and only duel in the series is with Forca, after Forca barely defeats Op's most powerful servant, who is the general of the armies of Neo Domino City, General Powaxx.

His deck is based around "Part" monsters, and his "Ace" monster is Part Colossi.

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