Yu-Gi-Oh! V-Circle is a fictional series for Yu-Gi-Oh!

The main storyline is based around Forca,Mass,and Velocitas.

Season 1: "Op's Curse"

Season 2: "Alone in the World!"

Season 3: "Tournament V"

Season 4: "Tournament Circle"

Season 5: "Betrayal within"

Season 6: "The final key"

Season 1 (EP 1-32)Edit

Op, a mysterious creature, who killed Forca's parents is now after Forca. It is revealed later, that Forca's family is cursed, and will be cursed, until Op is finally defeated in a Shadow Duel. Op's loyal servants are after Forca, who is forced to Shadow Duel for the first time, but the second servant, Yokan, tells why they're attacking Forca, and after Forca is seeking Op, not just reverse.

Season 2 (EP33-63)Edit

With Op's defeat, and his body is gone, a blank card left behind. While, a mysterious force, calling itself Areo appears, and challanges Forca to a duel, and warning him: A new power have been unleashed with Op's defeat - Invaders from other worlds will come to Earth. After Forca's defeat, with the insane comboes Areo pulls with "Algarian" monsters, Areo takes Mass,Zola, and Velocitas's soul as a token... If Forca successfully defends Earth, their souls will be released. For a long time, Forca tries to unlock the secrets of the Blank Card, but with no success. Majkal's minions arrive, and after a time only Forca remains on Earth, this attracts Majkal's presence, the leader of the invaders. Through the duel, Forca's father appears, and making Forca to believe himself for only this time. Forca summons Infernus, Emperor of the Sunset, and wins the duel. Areo appears, and releases his friends and Zola. Right after this, Zola challanges him to a Duel.

Season 3 (EP64-87)Edit

Zola finally reveals her true Deck, and pushes Forca's deck to its limits, and defeats him without taking any damage. Zola tells the three about a Tournament coming up, "Tournament V", where they can see Zola's true colors. Forca no longer thinks, accepting Tournament V invitation. Mass and Velocitas is entering the tournament too. The final matches are: Zola VS Forca, and Mass VS Velocitas. Forca and Velocitas is in the final battle, what Velocitas have been waiting for. The match goes on like it have back in the a roof, where Forca defeated him. Velocitas showing the "new" cards of his deck, countering Forca's combo, but at the end, Forca is able to defeat him. For the third place, there is a match between Mass and Zola, and with a miracle Mass wins againts her. After the tournament ends, Forca goes to Zola at the end, but Zola ignores him. Zola throws a card, "Twin-Gauntlet Titan" at Forca.(LV6 EARTH-attribute, Warrior-type Synchro Monster) And only yells "See you at the end of the Circle". Forca don't knows what this means, but accepts Zola's card.

Season 4(EP88-108)Edit

Forca and CO. are investigating a paranormal activity at a certain house. A duel spirit appears, and wants to duel someone. Mass defeats the duel spirit, who wants to serve the one who defeats him. As Mass's spirit helps the team, a news have come - a brand-new tournament "Circle" is starting, with 3-man teams. Forca,Velocitas and Mass enters the tournament as a team, "Team V", referencing that they're the top 3 duelists of Tournament V. As the events going on - a secret is revealed - that the tournament's true purpose is not to collect the best team from the world - but to empower an even greater shadow of this world. As Forca and CO. keeps on going, a legendary team, "Team Ritual", all-time winner of the tournament reveals their true form, and their master, Warbon's plans, Forca decides instantly that they must be stopped, for the world's sake. At the finals, Team Ritual is Team V's enemy. Later revealed that Warbon's strongest minion was no other than Op. Because Forca defeated Op, the key to Warbon's world has been shattered, and must be reformed. As Team Ritual siphons energy from winning duels, the more Warbon's Glowing Key is restored. When Team Ritual's second member goes to a draw with Velocitas, the Glowing Key is complete. Warbon is awaken, consumes Team Ritual's members, and orders Forca to enter the arena and duel, and decide who will rule this world. Againts Warbon's deck, most of Forca's strongest cards are useless. But, Forca finds a way to surpass Warbon's ultimate monster, Rithma, Godess of the Lurking Shadows. Synchro summoning the monster "Laser Warrior", surpassing Rithma's grasp, and defats him.

Season 5(EP109-125)Edit

Half year have passed since Tournament Circle, and there is no sign of Zola. At a day, Forca discovers a hidden place in the city. There, gangs dueling for supermancy... At the end, he finds Zola, as she leads her gang to victory. After a duel with her, Zola reveals that she is not the person he known, once a day she have been redeemed by the Light itself. Forca gets suspicious, and starts to go to Zola too much. After several meetings with her, Forca is certain that Zola is not controlled by the true one. The evil spirit appears, and escapes, leaves only a timehole behind. Forca jumps inside, getting to another realm. After a quick scouting, it is clear that they're back in time... When Yusei and Team 5D's fighting againts the Dark Signers. The dark spirit reveals himself as the king of the underworld, what Godwin tries to summon. The dark spirit tells Forca that Godwin have failed, but through Zola, the spirit can return to the time where Godwin failed, and destroy Yusei and CO, and rule the world in eternal shadow. Forca don't thinks too much, challanges him to a duel. After a long duel, Forca tells the dark spirit that nothing can be fixed what have already happened - He can't change the past for his own reason, Forca summons Twin-Gauntlet Titan, and defeats the dark spirit.

Season 6(EP126-146)Edit

As Forca defeated the dark spirit, Yusei summons Majestic Star Dragon and defeats Godwin. The dark spirit vanquishes, but, Forca remains in the world of Yusei's. After getting into the support lines of Team 5D's. Time passes, Forca is observing what the world like was back then. After Yusei defeats Z-ONE, a timehole appears once again in the Ark Cradle's center. Forca is sad because they didn't had a duel with Yusei, but he must go, and farewells the team. He jumps inside, and arrives where he left, at the same exact time. Before he left, Yusei gave him a card "Obelisk Synchron", he puts Obelisk Synchron to his deck... Ready for duel. He goes to Zola, tells her what happened. Zola ignores her, once again, and leaves. Forca goes back to Team V's HQ, and tells Mass and Velocitas what happened, too. After a lot thinking, Velocitas and Forca decides to have a final duel, before everyone leaves the city for good.

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